I believe that no story is a bad one.

Some just need a change of direction, a tweak or just a polish.

I am here to help and will work really hard to make your story better.


I will help you from scratch as you work on your fantasy story. With twice weekly reviews of your work, regardless of what stage you are at, I will brainstorm and offer advice and help, looking at prose, character traits, general pace and plot. It will be your story and your characters, I will just help you make them the best they can be!

$40 a week 

Basic Review

I will read your finished story and point out any mistakes while ensuring your plot and characters are the best they can be.

$39.99 (up to 80,000 words)

Full Review

I will read your finished story and provide detailed feedback on plot structure, characters and pace. I will correct any spelling mistakes I come across and provide a written report on your story.

$129.99 (up to 80,000 words)

Please contact me about longer manuscripts.

Billing for the above services is by PayPal invoicing. Please email your interest.

Don't hesitate to reach out to me for anything fantasy or adventure!

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