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Bolan's Quest II: The Rise of the Gnarlis by Paul Simmonds is the story of a war hero named Bolan who was left scarred and devastated after the war that gave him powers that no one else has. After the last battle, Bolan retreated from the community to spend his time away from the world. Losing everyone he loved took a heavy toll on him and he does not feel like sharing his powers with others.

However, things change when he meets with beautiful Kyra who is trying to find a cure for her little son. She makes him want to give life a chance once again, to venture out into the world and try to love again. But things are not as easy as he thought it to be. A new evil is lurking just around the corner, ready to destroy not only everything he holds dear but everything that gets in the way. What is going to happen now? Can Bolan let the past go and fight evil one more time? 

This was an intense and emotional novel. Bolan’s journey, his growth and the way he handled the situation was very believable. I was astounded at the way he showed maturity, handled the stress and made the decisions that he deemed best.

The story itself was wonderful. While most epic fantasies tend to be long and tiring, this one is anything but and is amazing. This was a fast-paced and action-packed novel that took me on a journey along with Bolan. I could feel his tension, his despair, and his desperation.

This was a wonderful novel!

Very entertaining.



'The story is developed very nicely, and Paul Simmonds, the author, has quite the knack for descriptive storytelling. The details are magnificent. He leaves nothing to the imagination. I could actually picture all the events as if I was right there. A nice read' - Priyanka A

'Fantasy fans are going to be thrilled with this book for sure' - Elizabeth

'Good story, hopefully not a standalone because of some unresolved issues. A read for anyone into Fantasy stories, as there was some interesting ideas and some of the descriptions were done well.' - Corrie

'You have to stay with this! I have read all three books in this wonderful series. The first book is slower than the next but that is because of the world and character building. However, what can I say about book two and three?? the pace is pulsating! There were moments in these stories where I was brought to tears. it unfolds into a very emotional and simply charming tale! give it a real chance.' Toby T.

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