"Will you protect us, Lieutenant, from that ghastly Skinner chap?"

Lieutenant James Lockworth has his first big break with the British Navy aboard the agile cutter, The Bloodhound. His commission –– seek and destroy pirates that haunt the seas, in particular, the formidable and ruthless, Jack Skinner.

Aboard another vessel, are Bradley and Lisa, the son of the Governor of Virginia and his fiancée, the latter of whom James has a deep running bond with. 

Follow the story of love and brutal vengeance as James Lockworth sets off on a desperate path towards the notoriously ruthless, Jack Skinner and his terrifying crew.

The Pirate Hunter is a fast paced adventure on the seas as one man discovers the lengths he’ll go to save the woman he loves, even if it means sacrificing himself and everything he stands for. 

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