The second book of the trilogy

The second volume of the ‘Bolan’s Quest’ fantasy series.

 There’s a forest, not far from Barkow, where those that inhabit it never see the light of day. Locked within the eternal black the forest provides, they do not set foot outside the confines of the darkness. 

 The Rise of the Gnarlis is a gruelling struggle between good and evil as we know it . . .or is it?

 Rejoin Bolan as he faces a rising evil that emerges from the Dark Forest - Slavin, leader of the blood thirsting Gnarlis. Follow him as he embarks on another quest, but this time, has his path collided with a dark force too strong? Has he the will to overcome?

 Confronted by an impossible choice - hand over the black sword or watch those he cares for suffer immeasurably, he must not only battle the darkness that threatens to engulf Barkow and its surrounds, but also toil with the inner demons that plague his strained mind.

 Will he be able to find the strength again in order to overcome the threat not only to himself, but his entire kind?

 Deep within the confines of the Dark Forest lurk the things that we fear most - those of the unknown. Is Bolan about to open the gates that keep them locked away?

 Join Bolan, Hogarth and Sterre and a host of new characters in the thrilling sequel to ‘Bolan’s Quest’.

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