The first book of the series

An ancient sword lies buried –– Cruelty and evil locked within its black blade.

As Bolan sets off on what he believes to be a simple task of delivering holy books to nearby towns and villages, he could never have imagined what sinister evil will cross his path. As he embarks on his journey, accompanied by his trusted friend, Hogarth, he will discover that fate has in fact put him on a quest that will not only change his life forever, but threaten the very existence of his entire kind.

Follow them as they make their way to the bustling city of Barkow. The island city that is seen as the beacon of hope and civilisation to all that surrounds it. However, with the unearthing of the black sword, the people locked within those impenetrable walls will find out that a dark force is on its way towards their city. Bylerth, the powerful, single-minded, mortal leader of those lost in the underworld is preparing to raise a horde of blood thirsty and unrelenting savages with one task –– destroy Barkow and all that inhabit it.

Can Bolan find the inner strength to battle not only his own demons, but the horrific horde that is carving a way through anything that stands in its way to reach the shores of Barkow? Will he and his friends be too late?

A battle is brewing –– the battle of Barkow. Follow the story as it winds its way to the breathtaking fight between good and evil. This is no ordinary battle, this is a battle of remarkable courage, self-less courage, magic and retribution.

Legend of the Black Sword is the first book in the Bolan’s Quest series. It lays the foundations for the stunning, pulsating, second and third books in the trilogy.

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