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 Fantasy Writer

Author of the Bolan's Quest series

Hello and welcome to my website. I’m an accomplished author who will take you on a journey through the eyes and minds of the various unique characters within the pages of my books.

To all those who have sent such positive feedback on my stories, thank you. I will keep on writing books as long as there are people who want to read them!

Feel free to contact me directly with any thoughts about the books you have read or for any advice if you are starting out yourself.


There's a story to be told

Home of the Bolan's Quest series

I am a writer of mostly fantasy stories.

I have two books available to read in the exciting 'Bolan's Quest' series available. The third book is currently being completed and is due for release soon.

These books follow Bolan, a reluctant priest on a journey through the breathtaking landscapes of Barkow and all that surrounds it.

Join him and his trusted friend Hogarth (a wannabe wizard) as they embark on a quest to save a city and along the way meet various characters – some good, some bad and some that you will have to decide.

If you love a fantasy tale with great world descriptions, heroic characters that have flaws and epic battles, then these are the books for you! 


My Story

A Bit About Me

Born in Monrovia, Liberia to British parents, I have always been a 'creator'. Be it board games or stories, I always loved to create.

I’m passionate about storytelling and the way in which a writer is able to take his/her reader on a journey of discovery through the eyes and thoughts of their characters.

I love bringing characters to life, giving them purpose and conflicts to (hopefully) overcome.


Bolan's Quest
Legend of the Black Sword

Barkow is a great, bustling city set in a fantasy world surrounded by small towns and villages. The people live simple but fulfilling lives, but the city has a history, a dark one that involves a curse that threatens to emerge once again...

Bolan is a conflicted young man, torn between the beliefs of the church and those mysteries of the world around him. When he sets off on a trip to deliver holy books with his wannabe wizard friend, Hogarth, he finds himself struggling not only with his inner self, but with a decision that could decide the fate of an entire city and all it’s people.

Follow Bolan and Hogarth as they battle inner demons, face their darkest fears, and try to find the strength to do what is right.

Dark forces, mysterious characters, mythical beasts and epic battles await!

Join Bolan, Hogarth and Sterre as they embark on a dangerous journey to save a city and its people from a great evil.

Experience the trials, the adventures and stunning battles that bring this great story to life.

Digital versions of both books are available here for £5.99 (you will receive both books BQ and BQII in PDF format for this price)

You can also purchase the paperback version from Amazon


Bolan's Quest II
The Rise of the Gnarlis

The second volume of the ‘Bolan’s Quest’ fantasy series.

 There’s a forest, not far from Barkow, where those that inhabit it never see the light of day. Locked within the eternal black the forest provides, they do not set foot outside the confines of the darkness. 

 The Rise of the Gnarlis is a gruelling struggle between good and evil as we know it . . .or is it?

 Rejoin Bolan, the former priest as he faces a rising evil that emerges from the Dark Forest - Slavin, leader of the blood thirsting Gnarlis. Follow him as he embarks on another quest, but this time, has his path collided with a dark force too strong? Has he the will to overcome?

 Confronted by an impossible choice - hand over the black sword or watch those he cares for suffer immeasurably, he must not only battle the darkness that threatens to engulf Barkow and its surrounds, but also toil with the inner demons that plague his strained mind.

 Will he be able to find the strength again in order to overcome the threat not only to himself, but his entire kind?

 Deep within the confines of the Dark Forest lurk the things that we fear most - those of the unknown. Is Bolan about to open the gates that keep them locked away?

 Join Bolan, Hogarth and Sterre and a host of new characters in the thrilling sequel to ‘Bolan’s Quest’.

Digital versions of both books are available here for £5.99 (you will receive both books BQ and BQII in PDF format for this price)

You can also purchase the paperback version from Amazon


Bolan's Quest III
The Return of Bylerth

Coming Soon...

The exciting conclusion to the Bolan's Quest series.

 Rejoin the story where it left off with Bolan desperately trying to find a way to right his wrong and save those he cares for.

 Will he be able to stop the increasingly volatile Slavin, or will the dark spirit within him be too much?

 Can Slavin keep a grip on that dark voice relentlessly urging him to destroy Barkow and everything around it – or will he succumb and let Bolan and his allies face the violent, bloodthirsty Bylerth once again?

The dramatic conclusion to the series is coming soon...



A wannabe wizard with an eternally optimistic outlook.



Unable to speak, she is a young woman who carries a great burden.


"You are at the mercy of the very thing you think you control - your mind.."